The Top 5 Best Heads Up Displays

Heads Up Displays or HUDs have become more popular these days due to their convenience and ease of access. For under $70, you can install a high-tech device that lets you display all the information you need to keep your driving safe and easy. Fortunately, these are very budget-friendly and intuitive heads-up displays available on Amazon. Here are the five best-selling HUDs for cars that received the internet buyer’s stamp of approval.

1. Best for Compatibility: T600 Universal

For those who want to use a dash-type heads-up display, one of the best and cheapest options is the T600 Universal. Although it only has a 2.2” TFT LCD panel, it is installable to almost all other vehicles without any problems. And since it can be used on the GPS module and satellite, the user has an option to collect vehicle performance and stat. For $34.69, it is a cheap and reliable way to optimize your driving experience. 

2. Best Simplicity and Style: Sherox 3.5” Car HUD

If you want to boost your car’s aesthetic and functionality at the same time, then you might want to consider trying out the SHEROX 3.5” HUD. Priced at $49.99, this device is attachable to the windshield and uses an HD screen. It functions similarly to the indicator usually seen on video games where the indicator is transparent and can be disabled manually. 

As of now, the Sherox HUD can display the speed, water temperature, voltage, and mileage. It also sends alarms the driver is overspeeding, high temperature, and during low voltage. 

3. Best Screen: VGEBY 5.5” HUD

Some drivers prefer a bigger screen due to vision problems or just pure additional efficiency. That’s what VGEBY 5.5” HUD is needed for: bigger screens and faster functionality. Although not as great as the Sherox, the brightness for this device is adjustable. It also uses nanotechnology to avoid double-mirrored reflections. 

VGEBY displays the current speed, water temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption, and mileage. Once the car is stopped, the HUD will automatically turn itself off as well. 

4. Best for Electric Cars: Lakobos HUD

Not all heads up displays support electric cars. It can be frustrating for Tesla owners if they also want to enhance their driving experience with this attachment. Luckily, Lakobos made a product that enables electric cars to use HUDs LCDs for more efficient and less-distracting indicators.

The Lakobos HUD is an immersive HUD that uses a projector-like feature to display indicators like a clock, weather, parking, speeding warning, door reminders, automatic brake, turn signals, and battery for the electric car. 

5. Best Overall: ACECAR HUD

And last but not the least, if you want something that just works, the ACECAR HUD would be your best bet. Although it only features a 3.5” display, it can display tons of information all at once: speed, engine stats, water temperature, and more. It uses the OBD2 port, which can utilize the GPS component. 

If you want to simplify your screen view, you can easily do that with the inbuild customizer. This is a great way to display information that matters to you. 

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